Agape Dance Academy Rules of Conduct

Agape Dance Academy Rules of Conduct

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Rules of Conduct

The following rules are part of an etiquette passed down for hundreds of years and are connected to a culture of ballet that is understood worldwide. It is our goal that ballet be a wonderful experience and hope that by reviewing this information with you the school year will be enjoyable and proved a positive experience for you and your student.

Dress Code

Attendance and Punctuality Policy

Attending on a regular basis and arriving on time are crucial for a successful experience. Ideally, the students should arrive early enough to change clothes and have time to stretch before class. This is for their safety, since a proper warm up is needed to prevent injury. Good attendance enhances proper training techniques and is essential for participation in performances. Dancers can make-up classes at their level or below if they need to miss a class. Please leave a message on the Attendance Line before the missed class.

Attendance line 831-531-2652

Child Safety & Belongings

Children may not be left unattended in the waiting area. Child safety is of the highest importance. We ask that parents accompany their child to and from class. Parent should return before the class is dismissed and pick up their child promptly. There is no staff supervision in the waiting area. If your child is preforming in a location off-site you will be responsible for their supervision and transportation.

Belongings should be taken into the studio area or dancer's lounge. Agape Dance Academy is not responsible for any lost or stolen items left at the studio.

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Classes will be held on Martin Luther King Holiday