Tuition rates are as follows (per month)

There is a $50-  registration fee due Sep 1st yearly or upon enrollment. Single Class Drop in Rate $20.00

Monthly tuition is calculated for 10 installments from August/Sept through June.

Some months have 3 weeks in them and some months have 5 weeks in them. Holidays and school closures have been incorporated into the 10 month tuition payment plan. Below is the table for individual or family total hours used to calculate the year's tuition. Shorter months besides August are not pro-rated.

There is a 50- registration fee due  upon enrollment and annually thereafter for continuing students..

30 minutes per week $50.00 (per Month)
45 minutes per week $75.00 (per Month)
1 hour per week $75.00 (per month)
1.5 hours per week $105.00 (per month)
2.0 hours per week $140.00 (per month)
3.0 hours per week $180.00 (per month)
3.5 hours per week $200.00 (per month)
4.0 hours per week $225.00 ( per month)
4.5 hours per week $240.00 (per month)
5.0 hours per week $260.00 ( per month)
5.5 hours per week $280.00 (per month)
6.0 hours per week $300.00 (per month)
6.5 hours per week $ 320.00 (per month)
7.0 hours per week $340.00 (per month)
7.5 hours per week $360.00 (per month)
8.0 hours per week $380.00 (per month)
8.5 hour per week $400.00 (per month)
Single student unlimited $325.00 (per month)

Private Coaching is 75.00 per hour one student $80.00 per hour two students

Private Coaching with Anton Pankevich $110.00 per hour


Unlimited Classes $375.00 per mo. (Not including guest Master Classes)

Unlimited Classes per family $425.00 (Not including guest Master Classes)

Optional Payment Plans:

10 months paid in full by September 1st 10% disccount

5 months paid in full by January 5th 5% discount

Tuition rates are calculated for a 10 month term from August 24 -June 19th. These rates take into account holidays, school closures,and months with 5 weeks in them. It is the vision of Agape Dance Academy to make dance accessible and affordable and these rates are meant to be a reflection of those goals. For help with registration questions and to ensure the best class placement for you or your student dancer, email or call 831-359-0850. We'll be glad to find the best classes to suit your dance goals.

All family account tuition is processed on the 1st of each month for classes occuring in the current month with autodebit authorization forms available at the studio.

Liability Waiver and Photo Release forms:

All families must have a current auto debit form as well as a policy agreement, liability waiver and photo release signed. This is in additon to the online waiver that accompanies the online registration policies. Agape Dance Academy has a strong media presence on the web and has continued goals in the media arts as an expression of dance. If you do not want your student photographed please let us know in writing .

School Calendar including holidays , school closures, and performances.

Calendar: See calendar page on website!

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Classes will be held on Martin Luther King Holiday