Agape Dance Academy Dress Code

Dress Code

Dress Code

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Agape Dance Academy has a required uniform for the classroom with colors that correspond with grade levels. See below for specific uniforms. There are many values in the dress code that pass on the culture of ballet, it's attention to detail, discipline, and focus. The attire adds a sense of accomplishment and pride as the students come together as a team in a unified and tidy look which takes organized planning, and thoughtfulness long before they arrive at the ballet class. They also gain responsibility by learning to care for the attire necessary for both class and performance without the added stress of not knowing where anything is.


Hair for girls should be secured in a tight bun with all hair pulled out of their face. How to make a ballet bun is available on or you can ask some more experienced dancers at the studio.


Primary ages 3 & 4-

Light pink ballet dress available for purchase at the studio or The style number is TH5510C. Pink tights and pink ballet shoes. Click image to purchase online.



Primary ages 5, 6 & 7-

Lavender ballet dress Style No: TH5510C Available for purchase at the studio or at Pink tights and pink shoes. Click image to purchase online.



Graded Ballet Levels 1-6-

Black leotard

Pink tights

Pink ballet shoes

The recommended black leotard style # N5501C (for children) and #N5501 (for adults) can be seen at These leotards run very small so order accordingly. Click each image to purchase online.

For upper division students, there is a free colored leotard day on Saturdays.

Dance skirts may be worn for pointe classes only.

In the winter months tight fitting pink wrap around ballet sweaters may be worn over leotards as found at style # cs301c.

Tight fitting leg-warmers are permitted at the barre only.

Jackets, sweat pants/shirts may not be worn during any portion of the class, as this makes it difficult to observe posture and teach correct body placement. No heavy jewelry.

Character Wear (Levels 1-2)

Freed low heel character shoes in black. Black Character Skirt with three silk ribbons in pink, orchid, and blue mist. Found at Click each image to purchase online.

Contemporary, Jazz, Hip-hop-

Thick strapped tank style leotard

Tights: choice of black, tan, or pink

Black shorts or leggings

May wear tops and bottoms over

Shoes: Jazz, contemporary, or Ballet for class

Performance: Black V front shorts, black tights, block spin II contemporary shoe

Male Students-

White or Black fitted T-shirt with black dance pants or shorts. Black ballet shoes.


Dance wear items of choosing

Shows- Costumes and shoes TBD

YAGP & Pre-Professional Dance Company Students Who Are preforming:

Agape Dance Academy Jacket or Hooded Sweatshirt. Only available for purchase from the studio. This is a required uniform item as you represent our school at competitions.

Black V front shorts

Black skirt

Nude Leotard

Where to purchase-

Studio: Primary ballet dresses and Agape wear are only available for purchase at the studio.

Locally: Santa Cruz Dancewear. Shoes and tights can also be purchased at Payless Shoe Source and Aptos Shoes & Apparel

Online: Receive a 10% discount on dance wear by using our discount code TP42297. The recommended dance wear items can be found in the upper left corner under "Find Your Class List". Type "Agape" in the search and you will find our dress code.

Rules of Conduct

Again, the following rules are part of an etiquette passed down for hundreds of years and are connected to a culture of ballet that is understood worldwide. It is our goal that ballet be a wonderful experience and hope that by reviewing this information with you the school year will be enjoyable and proved a positive experience for you and your student.


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