Spring 2017 Spring Classes begin Jan 9th!

Spring 2017 Spring Classes begin Jan 9th!

Master Classes this week with Anton Pankevich and David Bortnick

Spring 2017 Spring Classes begin Jan 9th!

Enrolling now for Spring Classes 2017! Classes begin January 9th! Chose studio to your right to view or register for the perfect class!

Capture            the           Vision!
Capture            the           Vision!

Capture the Vision!

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Capture the vision of Agape Dance Academy

Benefits of learning ballet

Body awareness and control
Personal discipline .
Improved posture, coordination and carriage
Improved muscle tone and health
Improved mental and physical confidence
Positive outlet for self-expression
Appreciation for music and art
Increased skill in dance technique
Good foundation for future career in dance


"Melanie if it wasn't for you encouraging and supporting me to start ballet i might not have found my love and passion for it.

When i first started i was nervous because i was farther behind then everyone, because they had started that summer (or years before). No matter how scared or nervous i was to try something new you told me "Just try it" or "Go for it" and then you would give me corrections. You inspire me to strive to get better and to practice and to grow as a dancer, but also to use dance as a way to express myself and bring glory to God.

The best thing about having you as my teacher is that you're a amazing example of joy, love, passion, faith, integrity, encouragement,strength,grace,talent and excitement. Plus you're hilarious and so fun to be around. Thank you for the gift of dance you give to your students and to the community." Love ~ Shannon

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